Statistically, over a two year period, companies with referral campaigns saw 86% more revenue growth. Referred customers, on average, were

4.5 cents more profitable per day than any other customers.

Wharton Business School

At Color In Sound, we provide consulting, and services relating to; marketing, tech, and design to support Music Entities, Small Businesses, and Non-Profits.

Our clients are often in need of additional services, which we outsource. We want to ensure that our clients are provided with top-notch professional services that exceed expectations. This is where we turn to the partners in which we have established through our Reciprocal Referral Partnership Program.

*Please read the partnership requirements below prior to sign up.

Partnership Requirements:

• Respect for Color In Sound's operational functions, collaborative efforts and project requirements

• 3+ years of successful operational experience

• Utilization of the latest industry-standard equipment- unless indicated or requested otherwise

• Positive consumer feedback including excellent customer service

• Availability to travel and access to reliable transportation

• Experience in delegating while multi-tasking assigned projects

• Added value in services or products being offered

• Honesty and transparency in all business operations

• 360 professionalism when operating all aspects of the business

• Organizational approach in rendering services

• Reliability in facilitation, follow through and follow up

• Resourcefulness when considering options for all parties

• Excellent communication skills

• Responsive in answering questions or providing support

• Initiative & ability to work independently with limited oversight

• If rated on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Trust Pilot, Glass Door or Yelp- the Partner must maintain at least a 4-star rating

• Partner must not have any dispute reported to the Better Business Bureau

Reciprocal Referral Partnership Program


PO BOX 65 | HATHORNE, MA 01937

ph:  857.285.2047‬