"Main Interest" Role Description

Compensation: DOE ($350-$800)

Film Date: December 14th 2019


Location: Red Sky Studios (Allston, MA)


Time: Production begins operations at 7am- commencing circa 6pm, however, final role call for all talent involved will be provided at least 7 days prior to the film date. 


Music Video Name: "Bottom Bit"


Song Concept: The purpose behind the song is to empower those who are at their low so that they are able to reach their greatest potential.


Song Feel: The song is upbeat, raw, edgy and lyric heavy. The instrumentation includes African and Carribean Rhythms. 


Video Concept: In the video, the beginning will start with Dean portraying a woman who is powerful while appearing powerless. It then will climax to ending in Dean overthrowing the throne and coming into his own- not needing or relying on another individual or "man" to feel empowered.


Casting Roles:

Main Interest The "Main Interest" will be the on-camera romantic interest of Dean FM. The requirements for this role are as follows;

- Sexual identity preferred; gay male, or gender-fluid male- someone who is free-spirited and very comfortable with on-camera same-sex intimacy and pro-LGBTQQIA expression. Ethnicity- Caucasian with light or dark features.- They will appear in various scenes throughout the duration of the 2-3 minute music video. Scenes will include the "Main Interest"; exerting edgy dominance by walking Dean FM on a leash, then go to being absorbed into Dean FM's essence, then being infatuated by Dean FM (possible intimate dance component included in this scene), to then Dean FM dominating the "Main Interest" by placing a leash around the "Main Interest" and Dean FM walking the "Main Interest" while they are on all fours.- They will be expected to exert beauty through strength and masculinity, furthermore, they will be comfortable in removing their top portion of their wardrobe and acting while shirtless on camera. - They are comfortable in being shirtless, wearing a wife-beater, patterned pants, fedora and "pimp" attire for the video shoot.- They will be asked to inhale and exhale a vapor steam pen, or aromatherapy steam pen for purposes of special effects in video. - They must be comfortable in the usage of neon body paint or black-light reactive body paint.- They must be a positive individual, flexible to work with and be willing to take impromptu direction from Dean FM or the Production Director.


Day of Requirements & Details: Breakfast and lunch will be provided, as well as parking. The "Main Interest" is expected to be on set 6-8 hours, which will include wardrobe, makeup, and filming. The makeup will be done on set by a professional makeup artist. Makeup is predicted to take between approx. 45 mins to 1 hour per actor. There will be 2-3 wardrobe changes. The wardrobe will be provided by Dean FM LLC and is predicted to take between 30 minutes per change.

To Submit for Role Consideration

Please email a headshot and picture of full body to jass@colorinsound.com


PO BOX 65 | HATHORNE, MA 01937

ph:  857.285.2047‬